The FIN PhoneTM is the first custom cell phone holster designed to delight water sport enthusiasts of any kind. Its custom 'fin' fit provides added security to the body of your cell phone, while its adjustable heel strap allows for it to be hung most anywhere. The FIN Phone cell phone holster is available in four FUN colours: Party Cove Pink, Bayou Blue, Key West Kiwi and Barge Black Whether you're at the beach, the pool, or on your boat, You're bound to make a splash!!!

Price $15

Reduced from $19.95


Mobile phone not included.

Important Note

FinPhone is a fashion accessory and should be treated as such. You should not use your FinPhone as flippers or any other swimming aid.

Mobile phone not included.


Length: 11.99cm, Width: 4.98cm, Depth: 2.34cm

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