Kymeze X-STING-WISH ® 3-pack

Kymeze X-STING-WISH ® Based on Organic Cocount Oil from Fiji
  Reduces Redness and stops the itch, naturally.
*Bluebottles *Sandflies *Mosquitoes *Spider Bites *Flea Bites * Pimples *Chicken Pox *Natural Antihistamine *Natural Anti inflammatories *Rich in Antioxidants & Luric Acid (it has been scientifically proven that luric acid works well on acne). *All natural ingredients.
Natural, Safe, and Non-Toxic
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Price: $32.00 for 3 x 125ml bottle

Important! These products are not meant to diagnose or cure. Always try on a small section of skin, if irritation occurs discontinue use. First aid rules apply and be sure to remove any remaining tentacles from blue bottles before use. Seek medical advice if problem persists.

These products are natural, safe, and non-toxic. They are based on coconut oil. It is the healthiest and most natural thing you can put on your skin.
X-STING-WISH ® reduces redness and stops the itch. It works on all bites and stings, especially blue-bottles, sand-flies, mosquitoes, spider bites, and flea bites. It even works on pimples and chicken pox!
Always try on a small patch of skin first, and if the problem persists seek medical advice.
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