SurfMuff is Simple, cheap, effective protection that  lets you hear. The patented neoprene keep ears warm  and protects from wind chill (which can cause "Surfers Ear" ) while auditory portals improve hearing. Highly fashionable, sleek, contoured band design is  ideal  for any outdoor activity. The adjustable velcro  head strap ensures the correct fit and should you drop  SurfMuff in the water -  it even floats! Approved by ENT Physicians each SurfMuff comes  packaged in a transparent zip lock bag with  instructions on how to use and care for your purchase.

Price $24.95

Surfers Ear
"Surfers ear" is a bony growth that closes the ear canal caused by exposure to cold windy conditions. In fact 74% of surfers studied have shown symptoms of surfers ear... 


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